Preface by Author about Beawar

Beawar means Be-aware. A city which is the only city in the world situated on the basis of secred sign of Jesus Cross. The more detail about this great historical city may be find out thru log on its on website i.e. which is doevloped & designed by Vasu Deo Mangal himself. It is a comprehenstive & vast website which contains almost each and every matter related to beawar city & its origin, including a great collection of photographs & video gallery ,reflecting the glory of beawar & its social, religious & historical Culture . One can instantly get anything about the city by log in the hundreds of web page of  the aforesaid website  and access easily a complete knowledge  about oneísí own interest  globally.

The most important factor of the website is its hindi font which is embaded in the website. The Historiographer of the Beawar city shri Vasudeo Mangal has made a thorough research in the history of beawar. He has also developed this website in the memory and inspiration of his wife, A Holy devine Smt Geeta Devi Mangal since 2002 continually by updating it frequently.

Shri Vasudeo Mangal is committed himself towards restoration of the glory of Beawar city as in the history.

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